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Focus of the Year

Quality Education Fund Programme – Play Party

Through creating a setting for free play, children can participate in a broad variety of games, invite playing partners, and design playing methods based on their preferences, capabilities, and real-life experience, which arouses their interest in learning and encourages them to fully express their feelings and explore their surroundings. Through free play, they can develop different capabilities such as autonomous learning.

The school has participated in the Scheme on Early Language and Literacy Development in Chinese and English Language of Young Children organised by the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research to further enhance teachers’ capability in language teaching. Through this programme, teachers can leverage a broad array of teaching techniques to strengthen children’s Chinese and English language proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing effectively.

Education Objective

Provide child care services and instruct children to learn according to their potential and development needs.
Join hands with parents to shoulder the responsibility of nurturing children
with an all-round development in ethics, intellect, physique, social skills and aesthetics,
enabling them to grow up healthy and happy.

Overall Programme Objectives


Assist children in building self-confidence and positive self-images.


Nurture children to be considerate individuals who care for and cherish the people and matters they encounter.


Arouse children's interests in learning, and assist them in establishing a positive learning attitude and developing good habits.


Develop children’s multi-dimensional and logical thinking capabilities and enhance their problem-solving potential.


Strengthen children's resilience in coordinating their body parts and enhance their self-caring capability.


Cultivate children with good social skills so that they can communicate with people properly, respect others and develop a sense of responsibility.


Inspire children’s appreciation, creativity and imagination; and educate them to cherish life and value good things in everyday life.


Join hands with parents to shoulder the responsibility of nurturing children.

Teaching Elements

The holistic learning activities developed by our Curriculum and Development Committee encourage children to learn through explorations.

In line with the school-based curriculum features, the activities cover a broad variety of pedagogical elements.

Language Development

Project-based Learning Approach

Emotional and Social Development

Quality Review Report by Education Bureau

SIA Whampoa Nursery School

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